A downloadable game for Windows

Wastelands is an open world old school MMORPG, reminiscent of the great classic MMORPGs that defined a generation. Download and play now for free!

▶ Choose your class with a unique set of skills and equipment
▶ Defeat a large variety of monsters
▶ Fight epic bosses
▶ Engage in PvP battles against other players
▶ Collect legendary loot
▶ Complete heroic quests and adventures
▶ Craft and upgrade items
▶ Find new friends and companions
▶ Party up with your friends or form a guild
▶ Own a pet to accompany and support you in battle
▶ Collect unique mounts to help you travel faster
▶ Explore the open world of the Wastelands

NOTE: Wastelands MMORPG is in active development. It is likely that you will encounter problems, but nothing that cannot be fixed. Please report any bugs you have in a comment or via Discord.

Terms and Conditions: https://wastelands-mmorpg.com/?page_id=87
Privacy policy: https://wastelands-mmorpg.com/?page_id=67
Refund policy: https://wastelands-mmorpg.com/?page_id=92


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No auto . No pay2win . Game full grind and relax. For now 3 classes Warrior Archer and Mage. Join Discord and we all help you in game. Good community and friendly GM Rain ... best of luck... You can easy join our guild Outworlder pm RatKing or Gnida in Discord ... 

Game forum https://wastelands-mmorpg.com/forum/index.php